Disability Sports Fund

Through the initiative Unique Sports - a digital platform for sportspeople with a disability - Disability Sports Fund wants to ensure even more disabled people can enjoy sport and physical movement.

Sport for everyone

Disability Sports Fund is committed to achieving a better and broader sports provision for people with a disability and for more attention for disability sports in general. The goal is to make sport structurally available for every disabled person. Only when all people with a disability can participate in sport will we truly have prevailed. Through the initiative ‘Unique Sports’ - a digital platform for sportspeople with a disability - Disability Sports Fund wants to ensure even more disabled people can enjoy sport and physical movement.


SportsCloud is supporting this initiative and providing strategic advice on the development of a marketing data platform to best serve the disabled sportsperson. The proper registration and collection of information can produce extremely valuable marketing information and insights. It allows for direct and targeted communication with members, fans, followers and users, based on the data accumulated (profile information). With this, we are contributing towards the objective of ensuring as many disabled people as possible participate - and keep participating - in sport. Disability Sports Fund has access to a large amount of content (information, images, events etc.) and is a natural authority within its ‘branch of sport’. Therefore, Disability Sports Fund is in an ideal position to quickly start accumulating this marketing data.

Development of a ‘fanbase’

In practice, this strategy means the collection of market information relating to all users and their environments. By generating more and better knowledge of the target audience, the organization can improve the information provision, and thus the service provision. The most important element of the fan base strategy is to build up profiles of all disabled sportspeople. The customer data platform creates information on the basis of whatever FGS is keen to know about the sportsperson and their environment (family, friends etc.). For example, for FGS it is relevant to know in which environment the user is searching for sports provision, which sport they wish to participate in and whether they are interested in high-level sport or more recreational forms of exercise. The data platform connects together all digital domains and accumulates automized knowledge and profile information. The data is also enriched with information that isn’t directly sent to the sports associations, but that is available from other sources (e.g. via Facebook and Twitter). From this, a database (‘fanbase’) is created with profiles that are added to continuously and in which very clear segments are visible. The database is rich in information and therefore fertile ground from which to cultivate a better service provision.

Use of the database

Based on the data accrued, marketing and communication staff can find relevant segments and communicate with the target group in the right way at the right time. Consider, for instance, segmented newsletters, dynamic blocks on the website and personalized social media ads. The data from the fanbase can also be converted into valuable collaborations with (potential) partners. With the knowledge accumulated about the disable sportsperson, FGS has created an extremely strong partner proposition. With the fanbase generated, FGS is better able to attract partner organizations who share the same goal: to make sport structurally available to everyone with a disability.

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