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Walking is one of the fastest growing sports in the Netherlands. But the fact that so many people are engaging in the sport outside the walking organizations means that the role of Royal Dutch Hiking Association is changing. SportsCloud helped the Royal Dutch Hiking Association with this transition

From 58,000 members to one million walking fans: The digital transformation of KWBN

The Royal Dutch Hiking Association has 55,000 members and more than 1,000 member organizations which organize 1,500 events annually. Some 300,000 unique visitors participate in these events, but that’s just a fraction of the 10.5 million total number of walkers in the Netherlands. People who, on a sunny weekend afternoon, enjoy nothing more than a stroll through the forest or a bracing walk along the beach. The Royal Dutch Hiking Association also wants to reach these walkers. After all, its mission reads: ‘Royal Dutch Hiking Association wishes to be the authority for walkers, walking organizations and other stakeholders in the world of walking.’

One million profiles

Created about walkers in the Netherlands

New content platform

The walking community of the Netherlands

Partner proposition

Developed on the basis of the database with valuable insights

Knowing the walker better than ever before

These 10.5 million unidentified walkers also leave their digital footprints behind. This occurs via countless digital platforms such as websites, apps and social media platforms. The recognition and mapping of these footprints is the way towards a solution that allows for a relevant dialogue with the individual walker.

Due to the huge acceleration in digitization and individualization of the walking market, the Royal Dutch Hiking Association has been forced to undergo a transition from traditional members’ organization to hybrid market organization.

From anonymous walker to known walker

A new fan base strategy was developed. This strategy places the individual walker at the centre in order to connect and become more closely acquainted. To achieve this goal, we worked hard in the foreground, together with the Royal Dutch Hiking Association, to build a walking community that would provide tailored information to walkers, namely: The content includes routes, events, travel, equipment, training & guidance, health & nutrition and inspiring articles. Next to this, hard work took place in the background to centrally collect all the digital footprints (data) on the new platform and the other digital channels managed by the Royal Dutch Hiking Association. With this, the anonymous walker is transformed into a known walker! The collection and centralization of this data across all the channels takes place via the customer data platform and the CRM system.

New business models

The total size of the market is estimated at 1.7 billion euros: this represents huge potential for KWBN, providing the walkers are contacted in the right way. The fan base strategy has allowed digital walking concepts to be rolled out and new business models have emerged. We are supporting KWBN in harnessing the power of the huge amount of data and in setting up marketing campaigns. Consider, for instance, integrated marketing campaigns which hit all the touchpoints of the walker’s customer journey. Diverse marketing functionalities are used, such as dynamic content blocks, personalized e-mail campaigns and display campaigns. Products and services from other providers are also incorporated. In parallel with the fan base strategy, KWBN has also devised a new partner proposition in order to capitalize on these commercial opportunities.

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