Schaakmatties (Chess Mates) is the largest online youth chess club in the Netherlands. The online platform is an initiative of the KNSB that's aimed at all children from 1st through 6th grade. The KNSB started Schaakmatties to make sure that children have the opportunity to play outside of chess lessons at school. Now they can practice at home any time they want.

The Netherlands Online Youth Chess Club

In October 2018 the Royal Dutch Chess Federation (KNSB) started a new initiative to bring in younger members: the Netherlands Online Youth Chess Club. It's an online platform aimed at elementary school children (6 to 12 years old) where they can play chess every day. This platform allows the KNSB to give children the chance to play chess outside of school and at home any time they want. The goal of the Online Youth Chess Club is to ensure that children continue to enjoy the game and play chess for a long time to come, even after the introduction term.

The Challenge

The goal is to make the Netherlands Online Youth Chess Club the largest youth chess club in the Netherlands, where thousands of children play chess online every day. The biggest challenge is to create strong positioning and a marketing campaign that appeals to individual children. The platform has to fit with the times and respond to the needs of a next generation. Parents, schools, and chess clubs also play an important role in youth behavior, so it's important to take a segmented marketing approach.

The Challenge

The strategy

Strategy and Positioning: engaging the next generation and keeping them committed

The next generation is growing up in a digital world filled with influencers, online gaming, video platforms and a rapidly changing social media landscape. To engage this generation and keep them committed, it's essentially to create strong positioning for the Online Youth Chess Club is essential. Fun, challenge, excitement and self-development are some of the core values that have emerged from positioning sessions. Digital conditions are also standard for the next generation: they want the option to play anytime, anywhere and on any device. A name change was needed to cultivate these core values, from 'Netherlands Online Youth Chess Club to 'Schaakmatties'.

Creation & design: a new look

Creation & design: a new look

A new concept of course also needs a new look. Enticing, surprising and making an impact on youth is at the core of the new corporate identity. The right mix of font, colors and images across all digital channels helps involve the target audience in a fun and playful way.

Technology: ready for the future

A coherent application landscape has been designed to provide outstanding support for the organization's new strategy. It allows the KNSB to reach each target audience with the right message at the right time, via the right channel. With the implementation of a new website (, e-mail marketing software and social media campaigning applications, the KNSB is ready for the future.

Content & experience: impactful video marketing

Offering unique and attractive content is what truly connects with young people. One-on-one video marketing is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the relationship with youth and increase conversion into campaigns. By creating animated videos for Schaakmatties, we've taken the first step towards impactful video marketing campaigns. The next step is creating short videos with influencers to engage the youth and strengthen the Schaakmatties image.

Personalized campaigns: a data-driven experience

The ultimate goal of the strategy is, of course, to draw new young members to Schaakmatties. Personalization and relevance are key here. Using the data we've collected, we've developed a range of propositions for individual children, parents, schools and chess clubs. By targeting within the right channels and offering a distinctive experience, we're trying to entice these target audiences to join Schaakmatties.


The Royal Dutch Chess Federation has a future-proof marketing infrastructure in place. The goal of becoming the largest online youth chess club, with thousands of members playing online chess every day, is now a realistic goal. We are still at the start of the marketing campaigns and we've already seen the first positive results.

From 2.000 youth members to +3.700 Schaakmatties

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