In a short period, Vitesse succeeded in equipping the organization to deliver the ultimate experience for fans and partners. By using the right technologies and a personalized approach, season ticket sales increased markedly.

The best in class digital experience

In 2017 Vitesse set itself the objective of developing a digital strategy to deliver 'The best in class digital experience' for Vitesse fans and partners. The ultimate goal is to raise the digital marketing performance to the highest possible level, thus boosting revenues around the football club and the fans, on different fronts. Together with Vitesse, SportsCloud devised a digital strategy centred on the ultimate experience in the world of football and fans, driven by the very best people and technologies. Not only did SportsCloud assist Vitesse in devising a strategic roadmap, but also in the implementation of digital initiatives.


Increase in sales of match by match tickets


Increase in season ticket renewals


Profiles of fans

The marketing technology stack

To achieve the desired digital model, the processes, software and digital channels were set up in a smarter way. The basis for this is a digital ecosystem in which IT systems and (marketing) applications communicate and supply one another with the right information.

The smart design and mutual connections are known as a marketing stack. This is the ecosystem of solutions in which communication, conversion, transactions and services are combined.

The data sources from which data flows into the Vitesse organization were mapped, as well as the databases and systems that the data enters and how these communicate with one another. Any missing data necessary to deliver an optimum service to Vitesse fans was identified.

We also looked to see which applications Vitesse still needed in order to manage the digital marketing process. All the implemented solutions are modular and available via the cloud. This makes the solutions scalable and allows them to be constantly expanded.

Get to know your fans

Vitesse was searching for a way to become better acquainted with the Vitesse fan, in order to approach the fans with more relevant communication. In collaboration with SportsCloud a digital ecosystem was created to collect and develop data about the Vitesse fan, to incorporate it within existing marketing processes and to utilize it for new business models.

A link between a customer data platform and the Vitesse digital platforms enables real-time data about the individual Vitesse fan to be gathered. Consider, for instance, data relating to identity (name, e-mail address, home town etc.), behaviour (matches attended, activity prior to the match etc.) and interests (favourite player, merchandise items etc.). By investing in fan base marketing, the ‘anonymous’ fan becomes a ‘known’ fan. The analysis of this new data stream creates opportunities to build up customer profiles and to accurately segment the target audience.

The ultimate fan experience

A database with information about fans’ preferences and interests presents great opportunities for marketing & sales. On the basis of customer profiles, Vitesse fans can receive a personalized service. Together with Vitesse, SportsCloud set up data-driven marketing campaigns. Specific focus areas included improving the customer service process and boosting conversion for single ticket sales, single business seat sales and merchandise sales.

By combining online behaviour with CRM information, the most relevant campaign for the visitor could be identified. For instance, if a father with children showed an interest in tickets for the Heracles Almelo match, his attention was drawn to a family offer via a personalized content block on the website. By applying the most suitable cross-sell and upsell campaign, the conversion rate in several funnels on saw a 14-fold increase.

To offer fans a better service, the data platform was linked to Vitesse’s new social media management tool (Falcon) and customer service tool (Zendesk). This allows customer service staff to easily retrieve the fan profile and provide a fast, tailored service. This also presents new sales opportunities to the customer service team. For example, if the customer profile shows that the fan has been interested in renewing his/her season ticket, staff can actively respond to this.

Scoring goals

One of the first projects that SportsCloud and Vitesse collaborated on was the creation of a personalized campaign for the sale of season tickets (2018/2019 season). On the basis of behavioural targeting, Vitesse made its marketing campaigns and website more relevant to individual visitors. This was a great success: season ticket sales rose by more than 8% compared with the 2017/2018 season, in which Vitesse won the cup final. And in some cases, the data-driven approach led to a rise in the conversion rate for individual campaigns of more than 50%!

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