Ziggo Sport

In this case study, a shrewd data strategy underpins the ultimate personal sports experience on Ziggo Sport. Whether you’re passionate about Formula One, basketball, football, golf or tennis, the Ziggo Sport platform is always aligned with your interests.

Personalization is 'always on'

Together with Ziggo Sport, an ‘always on’ strategy was developed. Daily alignment allows fan profiles to be enhanced by adding interests such as favourite sport, competition and club. On the basis of these interests, fans are offered specific content in their area of interest on the Ziggo Sport channels, via social media and personalized e-mails.


Increased engagement on the platform


Rise in CTR via social media advertising


Reduction in CPC via social media advertising

Database enrichment: what is your favourite sport?

After the right technical marketing and data infrastructure was put in place, the number of visitors to the Ziggo Sport channels rocketed. Through the daily production and distribution of a broad range of sport content and an active social media strategy, thousands of people now visit the Ziggo Sport platforms each day. With the massive influx of visitors to the platforms, Ziggo Sport is building the biggest database of sports fans in the Netherlands. Through close collaboration with the Ziggo Sport editorial team and the technical and campaign team of TDE, which alongside the construction and development of the Ziggo Sport platforms is responsible for social media advertising, we get to know the visitors better each day.

Formula One in the Netherlands?

It was Saturday morning, just before nine o’ clock. The telephone rang. That morning, Rob van Gameren had challenged Ziggo Sport, on Twitter, to start a petition to bring Formula One to the Netherlands. The Ziggo Sport team were already working on the development of a special website. So, we linked the Ziggo Sport data system to f1naarnederland.nl and set up relevant and personalized campaigns on ziggosport.nl, to draw people’s attention to the petition.

Early in the afternoon everything was live and the first 10,000 fans signed Rob’s petition. For the rest of the afternoon we worked closely with the team from TDE, Triple Double, Ziggo Sport and Ziggo. Offline activation initiatives were devised, and the petition was further promoted by Dutch celebrities and via the media and advertising. Thanks to a smart media strategy the petition was publicized in all the national newspapers, on Formula One websites, Radio 538, Radio 1, Radio 2, Hart van Nederland and Laat op 1. Through the combination of these ‘traditional media’, the activation via influencers, the visitors to Ziggo Sport and social media campaigns, 170,000 people eventually signed the petition. And of course, everything was registered and recorded in the database.

Besides the linking of the data systems, the management of the data and the promotion of the petition, we also kept the signatories up to date with developments, called on them to involve their networks and shared the video of Rob delivering the petition to Formula One Management (FOM) in London, all via e-mail. At the end of the campaign the signatories received an e-mail with the video of Rob in London; 46.4% of recipients opened this e-mail, a percentage that’s far higher than the average e-mail opening percentage.

Data management and content recommendations

With almost 4.5 million unique profiles in the database, the quality and management of the database is of vital importance. That’s why the Techonomy team not only comprises digital strategists and marketeers, but also data scientists who safeguard the quality of the database and acquire insights to automize and optimize processes and to run campaigns. Smart technologies are applied to automize personalization on the Ziggo Sport channels. Via content recommendations, content is offered at diverse locations on the Ziggo Sport website on the basis of, among others, personal interest, topicality and popularity.

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