Data management for sports organizations'

Data are the most valuable asset for the sport industry for the coming 20 years. More than ever before, building long lasting relationships and getting to know the sports fan better is very important. Download the lecture "Data management for sports organizations".

Data management for sports organizations

In the first months of 2020, Peter Sprenger gave a lecture on ‘data management for sports organizations’ at the Cruyff Institute in The Netherlands. Anyone who doesn’t collect data in 2020 will be left behind. And the great thing is: data is everywhere. Whether fans visit your site or app, participate in contests, order tickets or buy something in the webshop, every interaction offers the opportunity to gain more insights into the preferences of individual fans. Also service-oriented solutions such as a chatbot or ‘voice’ could provide valuable data insights into the fanbase of your company.

What are the digital developments in sports and how are sports organizations using data for their further development? Download the slides of this lecture here.